Interceptor - Jet - Maui - Miata - BUTANE


Single-jet flame lighter with wind resistant, single-action ignition, full view fuel tank and oversized fuel adjuster.

Interceptor, blue
Interceptor, orange
Interceptor, red
Interceptor, translucent

Lighters Lighters Lighters Lighters


Single-jet flame lighter with durable rubberized finish. Features include an easy-to-use oversized flame adjuster and lanyard loop.

Jet, black + chrome
Jet, blue + chrome
Jet, red + chrome
Jet, silver + chrome
Jet, yellow + chrome

Lighters Lighters Lighters Lighters Lighters


Colibri Maui lighter features a single-jet wind-resistant flame. Additional features include single action ignition, full-view fuel tank and 8mm stainless steel punch.

Maui, black + anodized blue
Maui, black + anodized orange
Maui, granulite black + black
Maui, granulite black + red
Maui, granulite chrome + chrome

Lighters Lighters Lighters Lighters Lighters

Maui + v-cut, blue

Colibri V-cut cigar cutter features v-shaped deep cut, a spring-loaded release, ergonomic design, and stainless steel blade. This set is paired in a handsome Colibri gift box.



Tall elegant soft flame lighter.

Miata, black + chrome



Colibri Premium Butane 90mL Single Can (Not Pictured)


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