White & Pink Ear Cuffs

Efflora Ear Cuff

(Right White w/CZ stud) (Left White w/CZ stud) (Right Pink w/CZ stud) (Left Pink w/CZ stud)

The Efflora Ear Cuff is the World's First piece of jewelry to attach live flowers in seconds, and keep them fresh all day long!  Finally you can accessorize with the most natural beauty, without ever worrying about the flower falling out! The Ear Cuff places the flower exactly where it looks the best and feels most comfortable, above the ear. It is made of solid sterling silver and was carefully designed to fit almost all ear sizes. It can be adjusted as needed to fit your unique shape with a simple squeeze or bend. Efflora's proprietary vase-like design houses a natural Sea Sponge that, when wet, provides enough moisture to the flower to keep it fresh longer than ever before. Simply pick a flower from your garden or bouquet, cut the stem, and press into the pins for an incredibly strong and long lasting connection. For nearly any occasion, the Efflora Ear Cuff is a must-have accessory for casual wear, beach wear and bridal wear! Please choose which ear you would like to wear it on, Left or Right ear, and which stud color you would like to have, Pink or White.

cuff cuff



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