Powder blush comes in a matte finish.  Our custom formulated blush offers a special light texture which glides on smoothly and evenly and provides the perfect amount of color to give your face a healthy glow.

(Cheeky) (Echo) (Tropicana) (Entice) (Big 'O') (Orgasmic) (Unsung)



Flawless Finish Foundation is a liquid, water based, non-comedogenic formula containing Vitamin E providing light to medium coverage.  It blends perfectly and never streaks or cakes.  This custom formulation helps camouflage skin imperfections, while containing Wheat Germ, which improves skin elasticity and helps skin blemishes.  This product is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

(N3) (N4) (N5) (C2) (C3) (C4)


Dual Powder

The Dual Powder can be used in many ways. It can be worn alone for a light makeup application or on top of foundation for complete coverage. Dual Powder can be used as foundation when applied with a dampened sponge.

(N3) (N4) (N5) (C2) (C3) (C4)


Concealer Trio

Our concealer trio is a moisture enriched formula that blends easily to hide skin imperfections. The formula applies creamy and sets as a powder for extremely long staying power.

(Warm) (Cool)



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