Air Gel Peel Off Nail Polish Starter Kit

Air Gel Peel Off Nail Polish Starter Kit 

Adesse New York Air Gel Peel Off is a revolutionary and technically advanced gel nail polish that utilizes a special elasticized polymer technology, which enables the polish to lightly bond to the nail surface without damaging or destroying the nail. The light bonding action allows air to circulate between the polish and the nail; enabling breathing, growth and strengthening of the nails. The polish is an easy one step application because we include the base + color + top coat in one formula. It dries in thirty seconds under an LED lamp and wears flawlessly for up to two weeks. Best of all, it simply peels off for removal and does not require soaking in harmful chemicals or scraping like traditional gel nail polish! We currently offer our Starter Kit in Fifth Avenue Red, which includes our signature colors: Fifth Avenue Red and Hello Dahlia, a LED lamp, Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil, Exclusive Nail File/Buffer, Cuticle Stick, Wiping Liquid, Pads and Step by Step instructions for the perfect professional gel manicure at home, in minutes. Additionally, we offer a selection of 25 of the top selling colors that are sold individually, allowing your customers to add to their nail polish wardrobe.



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